Monday, December 28, 2020

If You Live Near



Everything you wanted to know about Williamson County...Texas, but was afraid to ask. It is true...if you heard it, it has happened. What is that?? Corruption??

And someone asked me how to find this...hmm just google it. It's not that hard...I mean you work for them, it surely isn't a secret if it's on the internet, now is it ???


We put the tralier up and I forgot to grab the campsite information out of the cabinet. If you've never used Jellystone...give them a try. We arrived at 1am...and the next morning...while we were getting ready to leave...Raye went on a hay ride with Yogi Bear! It was Yogi's birthday weekend. They really do offer a LOT for the kids!!!

Still Here

I think we are going camping this weekend or next...trying to decide when/what to do. Our weather is nasty...rain, rain and more rain...

We did camp in Lake Charles, LA on our way to GA during spring break. I'll type more about it when I have some time.

I'm out of here...

Just So You Know

1. It is pretty damn obvious that I haven’t been here in a while…on/off this last month.

2. I started this blog solely for the purpose to share things about the Austin area…give or take the whole damn state.

3. 33 out of 67 (near or about posts ARE indeed about me or Austin.

4. So, I’m sharing a thought…Be aware of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department!

5. If you need to know, you can leave me a message and if I want you to know I’ll reply! 


I have visited Las Vegas several times. I love how you can see the big city lights, and yet, live a modest life. Did you know that Las Vegas Real Estate is booming! But, before you move, do your home work, research the area that you are most interested in, email several agents in the area. Also, do not settle, there is a home out there for everyone!

Someone Needs A New Phone

My husband needs a new cell phone and now. So, instead of listening to me he drove to the store (they won’t help him, because it’s under contract) that he has a plan with…his phone is broke. By broke, I mean nothing shows up on the screen, or the out side screen. It is just blank. He called me when he was leaving the store to complain that all the replacement phones were over $300. I just said how crazy it was…that the phone was just a little over a year old that he would need to figure something else out. He wants the iPhone and well, that can’t happen yet; and he can not be with out a phone for that long. So, we hung up

. A few minutes later he called back, by now I’m getting annoyed at his whining and suggested he look at wirefly for a new cell phone…and a possible new cell phone plan. He whined again, that he was out at the grocery store and that I should do it for him. 

 He just needs a phone, not a phone plan, but if we can find something at wirefly that will help him…I’ll be happy! Wirefly has some great deals if you are in need of a phone, with every cell phone company out there. Right now he has a broken Motorola V557…I think I’m just going to order the Motorola L6 in Black for an extra phone and let Stephen use

This phone also comes with a Bluetooth headset. The plan is simply 900 minutes for $59.99 a month with roll over minutes; I think we’ll be able to upgrade one of our numbers to use with this plan. If not, I’ll just figure something out, he can not be with out a phone, and I can not send him out to work with a firefly! They offer unbeatable prices and free shipping!

Emma Long

I wanted to tell ya’ll a little bit more about Emma Long Park. The very first time we stayed there…the day we bought our trailer, we spent the weekend on the lake. It was really beautiful and very warm…it was nice to just relax! After all of our shopping and throwing sheets, comforters, pillows, clothes into a container – we dropped everything off at the lake and drove back to the grocery store .

We had such a good time!! I know the kids enjoyed it, I mean Dylan and Raye did, Justin was off at a weekend band party at a house down the street from the lake. We were all in the same area. Anyway…this particular park has a gate that they lock at 10pm every night. The only way to get out is an emergency. That freaked me out. I didn’t sleep at all that night. I would fall asleep and wake up, even having claustrophobic feelings around 3am.

Now we’ve stayed at this park since then and I love it…and I sleep all night long! It is such a peaceful place!

post number #508

Holy Cow! That's a lot of posts! I'm off to bed. Michael is getting up pretty darn early to walk/run the peachtree. He had an interview today and one tomorrow (yes 4th of July) so please keep him in your prayers.

Worked last night, came home and got dressed and went to the Ga 400 malls with Tim, Mery and Basil. What a good time we had. We did a lot of window shopping, had lunch at 5 Guys (burger joint) and then later met for dinner. Tim treated us and that was so nice..I have been up for quite a while except for possibly a 1 hour nap so I am headed to bed. I have the next 3 days off and that just makes me smile!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!! I am certainly proud to be an American. We are blessed!!


For those who remember about last weeks garage sale and the little boy, I have an answer. his dad came by to get the HOA presidents number and I asked if the little boy was okay.

His dad told me that Josh is extremely social and when there are no kids to play with he has no idea what to do and talks to anyone who talks back. Ha! Then I told him about asking me for money and he said Josh has this new air gun which requires air chips and he is searching for money anywhere since his parents have put a limit on the amount they give him. They apologized and assured me he was normal.

Bless his heart!

If you want to see a very sweet picture, click here!

On another note, I wonder if I share too much here. I don't feel like I do but I also know that I share more here than I do with family and friends, which is actually healthy for me!!

Yeah, people from freecycle came by and took the rest of the garage sale items away to charity for me! Yeah!!!!
That's all I have to say!

Progress (or Lack of It) Report

Ok, I haven’t blogged here for a while, so here’s an update.

I have been doing lousy on the weight loss front. I am back to 206 pounds, only 1 pound below where I started.

Also, I measured my blood sugar this morning (for the first time in months) and it was 109 - not good. It should be 100 or less. I’m not at the diabetic point yet, but I don’t want to get there.

Exercise: nonexistent

So what’s my excuse? Well, I’m trying to do too much. Working full time, a long commute, trying to start another business in my spare time, taking an advanced feng shui course… And on top of all that, a boyfriend (someone I dated before - we got back together - the breakup was kind of my fault). He lives about an hour from me, so I rarely see him during the week. But he spends almost all weekend with me - not that I’m complaining, but when am I supposed to exercise?

Gave Up Chocolate For Lent

Well, I gave up chocolate for Lent. Not for health reasons - I would feel kind of guilty using Lent for that - I did it for spiritual reasons.

But still, I am noticing some definite health effects! First of all, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be (and it still is). I thought it would be easy to give up chocolate, because I can still eat other sweets.

It is not the same, though. Nothing else satisfies that chocolate craving. I did not realize how addicted I was to chocolate. I still crave it a lot, although the first days were the hardest.

I wonder what it is about chocolate. Is it the caffeine? Or the fat? But I can eat other fatty foods and drink tea for the caffeine. I still crave the chocolate.

On the plus side, I am not as tempted to eat sweets. Maybe my craving for sweets was really just a craving for chocolate? I have been eating a lot of sweets anyway, just to try and quiet that chocolate craving. But it doesn’t help -

I think I will just have to give up trying to satisfy the craving. Nothing works anyway. I might as well eat healthy.

New Beginnings

Finally, the holidays are over! I will try to blog more regularly now.

I was doing great with my no-sugar routine until our office pig-out day (where everyone brings in treats). I started eating the fudge, then some cookies, etc. If I would have just stopped there, it would have been fine, but after that, I kept eating sweets the whole Christmas season long. Now I am addicted to sugar and chocolate again. I’m going to have to start over again, trying to get off

Regarding the 5-HTP I mentioned last time, I did take it for about a week or so. The first couple of days, it seemed to help, but after that I felt worse. I stopped taking it. It is hard to explain; it was a subtle feeling, but I felt kind of damped down. My moods were on a more even keel, but I was not happy.

Since stopping the 5-HTP, I have felt a lot happier. I complain a lot about the holidays, but there were some happy moments. For example, just in the last couple of days …. New Year’s Day was great here - the weather was so sunny and warm. This morning I felt really happy too. Every little thing made me feel happy - like the way I could see the moon large and low in the sky even after the sun came up. The good feelings lasted until I got to work.

Work is part of my problem. It is boring and unsatisfying. I eat a lot more at work than I do at home. I am trying to decide what to do about that

I always like it when a new year starts. It feels like a blank slate. Whatever happened in the old year is wiped away. So I have high hopes for this new year.

For one thing, I really have to get some exercise. Lately I feel so out of breath when I do anything physical, even takilng a walk or going up the stairs. I have never been this out of shape before! Of course, they say the gyms are filled with new members after New Year’s because of all the people who have made New Year’s resolutions to exercise. I don’t want to be one of that crowd. Maybe I will just exercise at home for a while.

Anyway, here’s to a New Year of great possibilities and achievements! Good luck to you all, and may all your wishes come true.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Wow, I can’t belive I have readers to this blog already! It’s great to know that what I am writing might be of interest to others. Hope you keep reading

The last few days have been crazy. Talk about getting to bed on time - ha! It’s been late nights and then sleeping in and waking up with a headache. I’m too old for these crazy hours, I guess. And like I said, it wreaks havoc with my eating patterns.

Yesterday I went to a folk dance event and did a lot of dancing. This was the first exercise I have had in a while (other than walking the dog), and it felt great! My body feels so much better. I really have to get going on some regular exercise. Dawn at life inchoate has posted that she is losing weight by eating healthy and exercising daily. That’s what I want to do. I just need to get into the right habits.

One of the friends I went dancing with mentioned that she has a membership to the Y but never goes. Me too! So we decided to start meeting there once a week, as a start. Maybe we can keep each other going. We’ll start the Wednesday after


Whew! Alright, how many obsessions am I supposed to be away from at one time? This little jaunt to stay with my husband in our prison *ahem* I mean trailer in Fort Bragg coincided with my quit date for not smoking.


So, last Thursday, I stopped smoking with the help of a little pill that's supposed to reduce the cravings. All and all, considering the confined space with my children, the cravings weren't too bad. I was grumpy. I've shocked you, I know.

And these little trips are so pointless really. The redneck works until about 6pm and leaves at 6AM. When he got to the trailer, he'd eat and fall asleep.

Also, I have to be away from my computer. No big deal you say. Um, probably not, but I felt like a junkie being deprived of some really good drugs. Well, and the no nicotine thing didn't help that sensation either. *sigh*.

But now I'm home and I am RELIEVED. It's a mess. It's falling apart. But it's my home. My comfort zone here -

Tomorrow, I'm off to the temporary secretary job and all it's weirdness. The kids are off the Kiddie Camp and hopefully some fun.

Whiskey Wednesday--Summertime Rant

School is out. You know what that means. I switch from being the "Get-the-kids-ready-for-school-homework-monitor-get-to-bed-by-nine" mommy to "Cruise Director" mommy.
"Entertain me!" seems to be the cry of the moment around here. Oh, and the fighting. Do cruise directors have to referee? Just wondering. The summer becomes one long whine fest for my children who insist I "never take them anywhere" or "let them do anything". *heavy sigh*

Summertime also means that I write with "Spongebob" in the background (along with other mood killing cartoons) and try and "fit" the rest of my life around my now demanding family. When the weather turns nice, my husband begins to want to "do" things. Not only does he want to go camping, take trips and go fishing, clamming and so on, he also begins to notice our yard and house.
The conversation usually goes like this

Redneck: "The grass is getting really tall."
Me: "I noticed that."
Redneck: "We should really cut it. We really ought to clean out the car port and go to the dump. It's starting to get pretty messy.
Me: "We?"
Redneck: "Well, honey, you know I would but I'm going to be working Saturdays now and......"

See how this goes?
There is a reason I prefer the winter - Popcorn, movies, hot chocolate, fires in the fireplace, Christmas.
What does summer have for me? Yard work, bright sun (yuck!) and allergies.
Is it Fall yet?
It's Definitely Summer

There are several things that usually happen during the summer for our family. Joe starts working extra hours, the kids drive me into screaming insanity and we play catch up on the bills. Since Joe is working out of town, the kids and I pack up and go to him. In a 25ft. trailer. With two small children.
I need a drink. *sigh*

So, last week was the first in a long line of road tripping that will be on its way this summer. I love the redneck so I'm willing to drive three hours over winding roads with two boys who get carsick.
You know, my kids aren't going to be little for long. While we were in Fort Bragg this time, we went to McKerricker Park and scrambled over rocks, studied sea shells and peered into tide pools. We saw a baby seal, chipmunks and tons of birds. They love doing stuff with me right now. Soon, they'll be ditching me for the mall and the

Sometimes, I need to get away from all of my distractions-the dogs, the computer, my housework--and realize that there are adventures out there for me and the boys. Hopefully, they'll remember some of these times when I'm ready for the nursing home.
"Dark Garden" by Eden Bradley ROCKS
Rowan is a Fem Dom and works her submissives with a gentle, but firm hand. It has given her great satisfaction. But Christian Thorne sees something in her that she's hiding. Rowan has a submissive side. When he dares her to test his theory, she accepts with reluctance.
What Christian didn't anticipate was how beautiful and powerful Rowan's submission would be or how drawn to her he would be. And Rowan has no idea the satisfaction that can be had by submitting completely to a talented Dominant.

The odyssey that these two wonderful characters take to acceptance of their true selves is a heart wrenching experience for them and for me.

What got me the most about this book is the sensual feel to all of the scenes. The fact that Rowan's limits when they begin is "no sex" means that Ms. Bradley had to increase the tension until I thought I was going to scream with frustration. But this tension made every moment of the book worth reading.







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